At Little Kuts, we think of ourselves as "Masters of Distraction".  All of our stylists are licensed hairdressers. We're committed to providing kids with a fun, friendly experience every visit.

Our talented crew have extensive experience working with children who have physical, medical and developmental challenges. Whether your kids is screaming his head off or howling with laughter, we’ve seen it all and we welcome everyone.

We’ve handpicked each and every one of our stylists because they’re kind, patience and talented. Our staff will do just about anything to make your child’s haircut as easy and stress-free as possible.

We can even offer “quiet” appointments before we open or after we close, and do whatever it takes to give every child the wonderful haircutting experience he or she deserves.

Our goal is to work with kids within their world, not try and fit them into ours. And if there are tears the whole time? Well that’s completely normal, too. We’ve all been there, ourselves and we’re here for you!

Please don’t hesitate to make suggestions to your stylist about how we can best work with your child in a way that makes him or her the most comfortable.


     Anna Marie

  • Has over thirty-five years of experience cutting children's hair

  • Grew up in Pasadena and received a cosmetologist license from Pasadena City College

  • Mother of two boys

  • Favorite color is purple

  • Favorite hairstyle to cut is the "Blended Step"



  • Has been cutting hair for 6 years

  • Mother of a beautiful baby girl

  • Favorite color is black

  • If she had super powers she would want to fly

  • Became a hairstylist because she "loves making people feel beautiful"

  • Favorite hairstyles to cut are girls long layered haircuts



  • Favorite holiday is Halloween and favorite color is black

  • If she had any superpower it would be the ability to fly

  • Has 20+ of experience cutting hair

  • Favorite hairstyles to cut are fades.